hair philosophy

I love assisting people in embracing & seeing their own unique brand of beauty

(because you ARE beautiful)

Having graduated from IU with a degree in fine arts and growing up with a small family business it was a very natural transition to combine my understanding of shape, design, colour and great business practices. After years of elevating my cutting skills and obtaining my Master Colourist certification, I became discontent with the traditional ammonia-based colour lines and products being offered by salon reps of huge industry monopolies. I decided there had to be healthier and effective alternative companies.

Venturing off of the grid, I searched diligently & found Organic Colour Systems, & some amazing smaller manufacturers that make incredible & effective organic styling products. I have since been busy mastering these healthier options. I was the first stylist in my area using OCS colour and have been certified twice over In Chicago & San Francisco and am now starting to help other stylists who are seeking better alternatives.

The Products I use are great for:

  • pregnancy
  • cancer
  • allergies
  • skin sensitivity
  • health focused people
  • hippies, rebels & yogis – just to name a few
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