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I have realized through years of standing behind the “chair” that most people have emotional “stuckness” that prevents them from being truly happy and free. We are the summation of our experiences and they affect the way we view ourselves and how we operate in our world. After years of experiencing traditional talk therapy in which I kept working on the same issues with little progress, I had an amazing & new experience with a holistic therapy called Emotional Polarity Technique or EPT™.

It uses applied kinesiology (aka muscle testing) to help identify, and move you rather rapidly through emotional blocks in time that have had you unable to move forward in life. Once an emotional “root” is identified, EPT™ then leads you energetically through forgiveness statements & breath work to shift the energy surrounding your blocked thought processes resulting in more positive affirming beliefs, new energy & new hope for a ridiculously happier life! It can help with:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • self loathing
  • hopelessness
  • relationships
  • guilt
  • fear
  • PTSD
  • stress
  • phobias
  • shame
  • entitlement
  • grief
  • trauma
  • loss of purpose
  • creativity blocks
  • poverty
  • it can also aide in shifting generations of family patterns.

At first I was a little nervous to try out EPT. I’ve never done any sort of holistic healing before, but have been a long-time participant in one-on-one counseling. However, I felt like no matter what therapist I was seeing, I was having the same conversations, mulling over the same issues without getting anywhere. Deanna had spoken casually about her EPT training and I was immediately intrigued. 

The idea that you can pinpoint emotional issues or trauma, focus on them individually, and truly process them to move on was exactly what I was looking for. Honestly I went into our first session together with some skepticism as a holistic first-timer. D was the only person I trusted to do this type of healing session, and she was open about the process and completely nonjudgmental throughout. In our session, I was shocked by the issues my body brought to light (and what it had been holding on to for so many years). Deanna walked me through each of them, helped me approach them from different angles, process them, and release them using EPT. It was one of the most emotionally freeing experiences I’ve ever had. 

The best part – the issues I resolved with D in my session haven’t plagued me since. EPT is definitely a more rewarding and productive way to heal than any other therapy I’ve experienced to date.

kelly b.

I would HIGHLY recommend EPT Therapy with D! I have found our sessions to be tremendously effective and healing in ways I couldn’t have known otherwise! Having grown up in a very dysfunctional environment, I was aware of, and had come to a peaceful resolve with some of the past traumas and issues through more traditional therapy, journaling, and spiritual practice. 

What I didn’t realize is, that even though I had worked hard on clearing a lot of these things, there remained a “cellular stain” of sorts that was always there. These stains would unexpectedly show up sideways in my life via, making choices that screamed low self worth, unrealistic fears of failure, feelings of disconnectedness and/or depression, ect.. In my EPT Therapy sessions with D, she was able to not only pinpoint areas that needed to be addressed, but she was able to help me truly cleanse away so much of the emotional baggage that was imprinted and stored 

there. Those past subconscious defeating messages, are now replaced with conscious healthy messages of compassion, understanding and forgiveness. D provides an extremely safe, non-judgmental and loving environment in which to transition into inner freedom!

janet c.

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